Door Systems of Alaska

Quality Service Since 2000

Door Systems of Alaska is owned by Jason and Adrienne Slater, husband and wife. They became the official owners when they purchased the company on January 1st 2022. Jason started out as a technician in early 2004 and has been with the company ever since. He worked his way up through the company and was promoted to Project/Operations Manager in early 2010. Adrienne started working for the company in the front office starting in the summer of 2011. Together Jason and Adrienne made a great husband and wife team running the company together for over a decade as employees. The opportunity later became available to purchase the company and they decided to take the leap into business ownership and purchase the company. Jason and Adrienne have been helping build the positive reputation of Door Systems for many years and plan to do so for many years to come. Our shop is centrally located in Chugiak Alaska to help better service Anchorage and the Valley with one location.

Door Systems of Alaska is very focused on large projects and we love to help architects during the design phase of projects to help them get the right doors to suit their project’s needs. We also provide AIA continuing education for architects by way of ‘lunch and learn’ presentations. Our technician’s knowledge of all door systems is very vast as they can be installing an operable partition one day, and the next day be doing residential service calls and spring changes. This means they are not trained how to install just one or two different products, they are trained to be capable of installing every product that we have to offer. Door Systems of Alaska travels all over the state of Alaska. We have an Alaska map in our sales department with pins showing every location we have been to, and it is quite impressive. So, whether your project is large or small, local or rural, specialty or basic, Door Systems of Alaska is here to help you!